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THE STAGE AFRICA TRUST FUND (For Fight against Unemployment in Africa) is a wakeup call to the need in Africa. Do you know that by 2050, the population of Africa will be 2 billion people? That’s very scary. It will be more than China and India combined and about 20% of that population will be residing in Nigeria considering the fact that the country is currently recording over 190Million people. What this means is that Africa and Africa-Nigeria is going to have to find jobs for the young people who will be coming into the labor market. It also means that the productive capacity of the continent needs to grow. And in all of this of course, entrepreneurship will have a big role to play.

Donate to The Stage Africa Trust Fund. Help us end unemployment in Africa by donating to our Trust Fund Program. Through this Trust Fund we access and disburse additional resources to fund programs and projects by The Stage Africa Foundation targeted at promoting enterprise and creating more employment opportunities in Africa.

Youth Employment, Job Placement and Internship


Youth Entrepreneurship Training and Skill Acquisition


Idea Incubation and Seed Funding


Youth Agro Training, Empowerment and Development


Our Programs & Services

Youth Employment Training

The Trustfund supports a wide variety of programs to ensure that African youth have the skills and training they need to successfully make the transition to adulthood and careers

Youth Internship Program

Youth Internship Program (YIP) is part of the Trustfund's Youth Employment Strategy, which provides African youth with the tools and experience they need to launch successful careers.

Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Through this program we offer promising youth entrepreneurs access to business training, resources and financial support for the best chance of success in their own new company or self-employment.

Agricultural Training Program

Through this program we carry out researches and develops strategies to make agriculture an attractive enough option for investment and employment for youths.

Business Support for Young Women

Entrepreneurship skill training and support program that provides unemployed women and out of school girls interested in starting and growing a business of their own.

Youth Enterprise Competition

We promote youth entrepreneurship through competitions that reward excellence and innovation in young enterprises with amazing prizes and opportunities

87 Projects Done
3000 Beneficiaries
350 Volunteers
25 African Nations

Our Team

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Amb Utchay Odims

Co-Chair, Steering Committee

Amb David James Egwu

Co-Chair, Steering Committee

Godspower A Wealth

Fred James

Our Key Youth Enterprise Projects

BUSFAW-Business Support Fund for the African Woman

An entrepreneurship skill training and support program that provides unemployed women and out of school girls interested in starting and growing a business of their own.

WikiGrant Crowdfunding Application

WikiGrant is a Global Crowdfunding, Mentorship and networking platform, connecting entrepreneurs and SME’s in Africa, with financiers, mentors and other entrepreneurs to realize their dreams together and make jobs available to Africa.

Farm Africa Program

Through FARM AFRICA Programme we research and develop strategies to make agriculture an attractive enough option for youth business investment and employment.

Fellowship for Young African Entrepreneurs

Our Fellowship programme composes of 3 tasks, Training for Young Africans, Training for Trainers, and Advanced Business Training Certifications, all of them aiming to provide a space for young people to learn, develop and experience entrepreneurship.

Nigeria Got Ideas-The Next Big Impact

Nigeria Got Ideas (The next big impact in Nigeria) is an Entrepreneurial Reality TV show with a unique difference. Over 20 thousand young entrepreneurs will be screened and trained, 2000 will attend business PITCH auditions- over 200 successful entrepreneurs will be beneficiaries of business grants and investment deals.

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