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Donate to The Stage Africa Trust Fund. Help us end unemployment in Africa by donating to our Trust Fund Program. Through this Trust Fund we access and disburse additional resources to fund programs and projects by The Stage Africa Foundation targeted at promoting enterprise and creating more employment opportunities in Africa.

Our Charitable Activities

The Stage Africa Trust Fund has six main types of charitable activity going on.

Ideapreneurship Africa

This programme helps young people learn entrepreneurship and start a business and targets to raise over 100,000 small businesses and over 25million jobs directly or indirectly by 2030.

Business Support Fund for the African Woman (BUSFAW)

This programme offers entrepreneurship training and support programme for unemployed African women interested in starting and growing a business of their own.

Youth Ambassador Programme

This programme is a personal/career development course, offering work experience, practical skills, community projects and an internship opportunity with corporate offices.

Nigeria Got Ideas

Nigeria Got Ideas is an Entrepreneurship Reality TV Show for young and innovative entrepreneurs and SME'S in Nigeria to pitch their business ideas for business grant support and mentorship. The program's goal is “to raise over 1000 indigenous businesses that has the capacity to create more than 10,000 jobs directly and 200,000 jobs indirectly in the next 5 years, with strong potential to compete in the future global market.”

Farm Africa Programme

This programme is providing agro research, training and investment programmes to make agriculture an attractive enough option for investment and employment opportunity for youths in Africa.

This Ability Campaign

This campaign provides programs that improve the well-being of people with disabilities and empower them with skill acquisition/enterprise training to be able to function actively in the society.

Idea Clubs

The clubs are established in secondary schools and universities to inspire students to start thinking entrepreneurship and job creation early or through the Trust Fund's centers for those outside of school. The Trust Fund runs programmes in secondary schools and universities to link students with role models to boost their entrepreneurship skills and confidence.

"We must begin as a nation to create platforms that will aid abilities to break forth into products, facilitate innovations and reinvent ideas for the global market or else our children will remain abroad for the quest of greener pastures instead of creating it themselves on our soil."
Fred James
Co-founder, The Stage Africa Foundation

"For our Nigeria Mandate, please help us raise $500,000USD to support and empower enterprising youths & women in 2018/2019 in Nigeria."

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