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The Stage Africa Trust Fund for Fight Against Unemployment & Poverty in Africa

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Nigeria Got Ideas-The Next Big Impact

Nigeria Got Ideas (The next big impact in Nigeria) is an Entrepreneurial Reality TV show with a unique difference. Over 20 thousand young entrepreneurs will be screened and trained, 2000 will attend business PITCH auditions- over 200 successful entrepreneurs will be beneficiaries of business grants and investment deals. From the furthermost corners of Nigeria business industries, from the agricultural to ICT and to manufacturing sectors across, we will empower and train SME entrepreneurs, who are determined to pitch their ideas to our esteemed venture capitalist and will position to create more employment opportunities for countless jobless youths in Nigeria.

BUSFAW-Business Support Fund for the African Woman

Business Support Fund for the African Woman (BUSFAW) is a 3-6 months entrepreneurship skill training and support program that provides unemployed women and out of school girls interested in starting and growing a business of their own with information on small business management as well as skill acquisition training in either fashion Design/sewing, Bead making, Hat making, Agriculture, Hair Fascinators, Beaded Bags, Art/Craft, Cosmetology, Digital literacy, Event management, Hospitality management, Confectioneries, Makeup and Interior decoration. The skill acquisition training is followed by another 3-6months internship with local businesses to sharpen their skills more and deeper before a small business grant is given to them to start their own.

Farm Africa Project-Food Security in Africa

FARM AFRICA: Modern agriculture has considerable potential for job and wealth creation and may absorb large numbers of would-be urban migrants or youths who currently crowd the cities with underemployment. Through this project, THE STAGE AFRICA FOUNDATION researches and develops strategies to make agriculture an attractive enough option for investment and employment for youths.

A Call to Donate to the Greatest Good In The World-AFRICA!

"We must begin as a nation to create platforms that will aid abilities to break forth into products, facilitate innovations and reinvent ideas for the global market or else our children will remain abroad for the quest of greener pastures instead of creating it themselves on our soil."
Fred James
Co-Founder, The Stage Africa Foundation

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Our Campaign Coordinating team

Amb. David Egwu

Co-Chair, The Stage Africa's Steering Committee

David is Co-founder Young CEO’S Business Forum (YCBF), Africa’s largest business consortium of brightest young political & business leaders. 

Amb. Utchay Odims

Co-Chair, The Stage Africa's Steering Committee

Utchay is the MD/CEO of the award winning fastest growing renting, leasing and car hire company in Nigeria & America JONELLIES AUTOS ( 

Mrs Gloria Ahmed

Nat. Cord The Stage Africa Trust Fund & BUSFAW

Gloria is presently a Deputy Director in the Federal Ministry of Transportation, Nigeria and Member, Board of Trustee, Human Rights Commission,

Sima A. Patel

Int'l Coordinator, The Stage Africa Trust Fund

Sima is Founder/CEO of Rapid Trainers Chicago, USA. She is a reputable International Business Development Consultant and Project Manger.

Fred James

Co-founder, The Stage Africa Foundation

Fred is a pastor, youth Advocate, an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, writer and Gospel Music Artist with a difference. He is the founder of GTYEN Abuja.

Godspower A Wealth

Co-founder, The Stage Africa Foundation

God’spower is a Minister of Gospel, an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, a youth advocate, an activist and an advocate of participatory democracy and good governance.

Nigeria Mandate

Join us and over 200,000 good Nigerians and people of the world to kick back unemployment in Nigeria and create over 200,000 jobs in the next five years.


Kickback Unemployment in Africa

Support The Stage Africa Trust Fund for Fight Against Unemployment in Africa (TSATF)


Want to be a part of something great in Africa? Join forces with us as we Kickback Unemployment In Nigeria! With our recently created GOOD CITIZEN NETWORK for The Stage Africa Trust Fund, it is time for us to enlist your help. We cannot achieve this goal without you and we need as many hands as possible to herald this good news and contribute. We have a goal to raise $725,000USD by the end of August 2018 through public donations from 200,000 good Nigerians and people of the world. WOULD YOU HELP US GET THIS NEWS TO 200,000 NIGERIANS and eventually across the world? JOIN US TODAY

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If you are around in Nigeria, you can visit us @ #7 Parakuo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. Our office is always open to chat with you!

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The word S.T.A.G.E is a combination of words which stands for (S)-SMART (T)-THINKERS FOR (A)-AFRICA’S (G)-GROWTH & (E)-EMANCIPATION. This acronym reveals the true spirit of The Stage Africa Foundation.

"A time has come when each and everyone of us must realize that the interest of our continent is bigger than that of an individual and this is the time for Change. Change is not easy, but it is inevitable so we must never give up, because change is a journey from generation to generation. Those who sow the seed will not enjoy the shade, one generation sows the seed, another one waters it, another one prunes it & another one enjoys the shade. And that is our joy. There are no easy solutions, it is an intergenerational guest for change."
The Stage Africa Foundation
A Pan-African Transformation Group

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